Process of setting OKRs

Product Clarity

While implementing OKR, the objective is qualitative and provides a broad goal or what is to be accomplished. These objectives are backed up by key results, which are quantitative and measurable benchmarks which monitor how the objective is achieved. Key Results (KRs) are specific, measurable and time-bound. OKRs are a handy tool for aligning goals throughout an organization and across teams.


Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery

Key Results

→ Maintain 1:10 maintainers to developers ratio.

→ Complete all enterprise priority issues on time.

→ Identify and deliver 4 key improvements to scalability.


Reduce time to market for product

Key Results

→ Intensify resource commitment from 10 persons to 15.

→ Trade-off from 20 features to 15 features.

→ Increase process automation from 60% to 70%.