Process of setting OKRs

Higher Benefits

Strengthening the employee experience at the workplace has multiple benefits that are associated with employee job satisfaction leading to higher profits and better marketplace positioning. Hence, it is important to set OKRs that can help a company attain this ideal work environment for employees.


Create a great corporate work culture

Key Results

→ Launch two-way closed-loop feedback process.

→ Create clear goals for all teams.

→ Achieve a weekly employee satisfaction score of 8.5 or above.

→ Celebrate progress during weekly meetings.

→ Monthly town hall to address Q&A and employee concerns.


Improve employee retention

Key Results

→ Improve performance management process.

→ Improve employee engagement score and satisfaction score above 9.

→ Conduct monthly surveys for all employees on how to make the company a better place to work.

→ Assess salaries and benefits to check if they are proportionate.


Complete our employee reviews efficiently and on time

Key Results

→ Collect performance review reports from 35 managers.

→ Survey employees about the new ongoing process.

→ Get free product memberships for all employees.