Characteristics of OKR

In this blog, I have summarized the key characteristics of OKR.

  • OKR is a goal management framework.
  • It’s an outcome driven, futurist framework.
  • They are different from KPIs.
  • They help companies execute strategy.
  • This is the most important aspect.
    The key factor that separates the good from the great is execution capability.
  • Another key aspect of OKR is that its ok to fail.
  • When you set targets, we set aspirational targets, that is, the targets are stretch in nature.
    Even if you achieve 70% of the target, its good enough and that in itself is a great achievement.
    An inherent aspect of the stretch target is that its entirely possible to fail to achieve even 50% of the target in some cases.
    So, be prepared to fail.
    If your organization is so concerned about driving “all green” metrics, I would say that you are not ready for OKR at all. Even if you try, you will fail.
    So, organization culture plays a very important role in OKR.
  • Bottomline, OKR helps you to translate strategic objectives to tangible results!